Sunday, December 21, 2008

Decorating the outdoor room

Outdoor Christmas tree

I'm just back in from decorating the big pine tree in the back garden for the festive season. I had to make two trips up the ladder; I realised on one of the very last small baubles that tubes of Christmas balls from the bargain shop (@ $4 per tube of twelve) are not going to have a high level of quality control. One bauble was missing a string, and several others had to be retied - but I ended up gluing all of their plastic connectors, even though they were already on the tree, since the summer sun is bound to make the plastic brittle and they were only clipped into place.

The larger balls are sequined, and were only $1 this morning at The Christmas Cave's massive sell-out. Not much of a range left, but these balls will probably last okay. If they don't get blown over the fence. The previous batch of outdoor Christmas decorations lasted about three annual outings.

At least this year I didn't step back from the ladder to admire my handiwork when I was finished. Yep, straight in the pool that year... - wallet and all.

Outdoor Christmas treewhiteOutdoor Christmas tree and dragon

Sunday's not so magic number: 95.5 - 'Tis the season to be naughty.


Ching Ya said...

Very nice!! I didn't know it could be done this way! Amazing. You're briliant!

Therin of Andor said...

Really? It was just some baubles and a ladder. I thought everybody with a suitable tree did it. ;)

I've even seem some not-so-suitable trees get decorated.

Ching Ya said...

At least I didn't see anybody I know is doing it where I live. I would really love to see some unlikely Christmas tree as well. Maybe next year. =P