Sunday, August 10, 2008

Staying power

Well, my congratulations to Reader Anonymous, who, at 10:23:38am on the 10th of August, stayed on this site for a total of 40 page views. Elapsed time: 120 mins 37 secs, according to Sitemeter.

Was it a slow day at work, buddy? (But seriously, thanks. Obviously you found plenty here of interest.)

Congratulation to my Jack Russell terrier, Jack, who yesterday destroyed a supposedly dog-proof lizard toy in about five minutes. I knew the fact that it had a "squeaky" in its head meant that he'd be predisposed to attempt to remove it.

But he played happily with the poor thing (nicknamed "Tiger" for a brief moment in time, of course; click the link for more info) for several hours till my housemate arrived home about 7.30pm. He showed off his new toy with great excitement and pride, then snuck off to devour the "squeaky". Oh well, easy come, easy go.

Lizard dog chewtoy
I'm ready for my frontal lobotomy, Mr DeMille..."

And congratulations to me:
Sunday's magic number: 94.9 - Just as well, with all the yummy food I turned down this week.

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