Friday, August 15, 2008

Snap! Crackle! Pop... corn!

Fellow blogger, The Other Andrew, is complaining about cinema popcorn.

I must confess, I happen to like cinema popcorn. (But I rarely want such a huge bucket!) I also love its smell.

I distinctly remember the first time I ever saw cinema popcorn.

Hot? Buttery? Bright yellow? Huh?

Until I was about eight or nine, I'd only ever seen multi-coloured "candy" popcorn at kids' parties, and the thought of something so different as hot cinema popcorn was part of its unique appeal, I guess, and an intrinsic part of the rare treat of being "at the movies".

Then there was the day when my brother and I, filled with over-confidence having seen our scoutmasters effortlessly pop popcorn in a billycan at scout camps - popped our own at home, in the kitchen, when Mum was out. And we took the lid off, of course, so we could watch it pop...

We were still finding popcorn in nooks and crannies for months after the fact. Hilarious!

A sealed mincowave bag isn't anywhere near as much fun!

The Other Andrew also compares hot cinema popcorn (with imitation butter flavour, of couse) to ubiquitous polystyrene package filling... And speaking of polystyrene package filling, my old workplace now gets their "packing popcorn" from a place that makes a biodegradable alternative. It's made from potatoes and, as such, is edible. It literally melts on your tongue and almost has a Pringle's chips flavour and fragrance. Almost.


Miles McClagan said...

Anyone who ate the infamous blue popcorn at a birthday party in the 80s, washed down with Mello Yello, aint gonna complain about cinema popcorn...

Therin of Andor said...

Hehehehe. Pretty!

Here in Oz, we call the anticipated result of such a combination "a technicolor yawn"!