Thursday, August 07, 2008

Number 96: In the pink!

Hot off the press from my ol' pal, Andrew Mercado, and Umbrella Entertainment, here's the finalised box art for the new volume of Number 96 classics:

Number 96 DVD vol 2: The Pantyhose Strangler


TelevisionAU said...

Rated PG? These episodes must have been pretty tame by 96 standards :O

Therin of Andor said...

Hehehehe. Well, you've got Reg MacDonald peeling a banana quite suggestively for Alderman mrs Bullock right there on the cover!

But yeah, nudity wise, it was a tame time for "Number 96", but it was pretty much at its rating peak for the Pantyhose Murders. Viewers were tuning in for the characters and the comedy now, not necessarily their bare breasts and bums. Although Lorelei's last episode was the first ever "Number 96" broadcast in colour.

A few episodes before that, we'd seen Matt Barrington peek on Lorelei in the shower, but I think we saw more of Matt looking guilty that of Lorelei getting sudsy.

Pamela Garrick, Josephine Knurr, Chantal Contouri, Frances Hargreaves, Paula Duncan and Natalie Mosco all managed to avoid having to do revealing topless shots, leaving it to random walk-ons and two-line extras. not that there was much call for it at the time.