Thursday, July 17, 2008

Party Poper

It's here: World Youth Day 2008 celebrations, in the middle of my home town.

I'm on school holidays, it's Thursday night, and this afternoon should have been my weekly trek into the CBD to collect my latest piles of comics and books. I already have my email confirming this week's comics deliveries to Kings Comics, and there's probably a new Star Trek novel collection to collect from Galaxy Bookshop.

How many avid Star Trek fans can say that the Pope - yes Pope Benedict XVI of Rome - prevented them from picking up their reserved copy of the new TokyoPop "Star Trek" Manga (Volume 3 - "Aratanaru Michi He") today? Aaaaarrrrgghhhh! I understand it even has a comic based on "Bandi", the cute-pet-on-the-Enterprise script which David Gerrold wrote before he finally cracked success with "The Trouble With Tribbles" (TOS).

Sydneysiders were being asked to avoid the CBD today - unless we were planning to go in (on public transport only) and cheer for "Benny" in his "boatercade" and help to celebrate World Youth Day with the world's young Catholic pilgrims.

I wanted Bandi and got... Benny.

Oh well, have a happy and holy World Youth Week everyone! (And thanks to Christopher L Bennett for the punny title.)

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Jean Prouvaire said...

Pope Benedict has always been an agent of George Lucas, so that explains why he didn't want you to get your Star Trek books.