Sunday, July 20, 2008

Looking for landmarks

With the new school term looming tomorrow, cold winter nights, a yearning for warm, fatty foods, and publicity for the looming finale of "Big Brother" on TV, everything started to seem very deja vu this weekend.

I was curious to check back through the blog entries to this time last year, to see when I'd started adding my Sunday mystery numbers - eventually revealed as readings of the bathroom scales, in an effort to shame, or encourage, myself with public figures. I knew I'd messed up recently, but it was very reassuring to see that at least I'd lost something since August 5, 2007, when the magic number stood at 99.

This Sunday's magic number: 95.9 - Sometimes there seems to be no rhyme or reason. I've slobbed around the house most of the week, and pigged-out at at a two-day fully-catered conference. Tomorrow is a staff development day - and another, traditional day for overindulging. And yet, I'm one kilogram lighter than last week.

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