Monday, July 14, 2008

Cover story: Number 96!

Here it is: the draft box art for the upcoming release of the new "Number 96" set of DVDs...

Pantyhose Strangler DVD boxed set
The Pantyhose Strangler

Umbrella Entertainment has released details for the September release:

Price: $49.99
Directors: Peter Benardos & Brian Phillis
Format: PAL
Language: English
Region: All
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Number of Discs: 4 (Total of 32 episodes)
Rating: M
DVD Release Date: 30/08/2008
Run Time: 800 MIN
Genre: Drama

Special features:
* ANGELA BISHOP REPORTING (Network Ten News - 10/07/06 launch of previous DVD set)
* AUDIO COMMENTARY ON EPISODE #680 with Andrew Mercado and Chantal Contouri (Nurse Tracey Wilson)
* STILLS GALLERY (including items from the collection of yours truly!)

NUMBER 96 was one of Australia’s most controversial and highest-rated TV shows ever. Now for the first time in years, see complete episodes of NUMBER 96 and discover why it is one of our most-loved and influential drama series.

When Les and Norma Whittaker discover their wine bar waitress, Lorelei Wilkinson, dead on their lounge, it’s just the beginning of a killing spree from the apartment block’s most notorious visitor ever, The Pantyhose Strangler. With everyone a potential victim or suspect, the residents try to move on with their lives even as the victims continue to pile up around them.

Vera Collins has worrying psychic visions about the killer and is poisoned. Lovers Don Finlayson and Dudley Butterfield are forced to play it straight for Carol’s homophobic boyfriend. Herb Evans is horrified when his wife, Dorrie, and Flo Patterson compete against each other in a Senior Citizen’s Club election. Reg MacDonald has a secret admirer in Alderman Mrs Bullock. Norma’s snobbish mother comes to stay. Lucy Sutcliffe is upset by shock news from New Zealand. And Marilyn MacDonald comes face to face with the Pantyhose Strangler while working late in the launderette.

“Oh my God – it’s you!” Marilyn screams. The Friday night cliffhanger from 1975 had the entire country on the edge of their seats as they waited all weekend to find out who the killer was. Now you can find out in one wild marathon screening of NUMBER 96!

If you want to really spoil yourself with a more detailed episode guide, go here and scroll down to Episode #649 (originally aired 4/11/1974). The DVD set finishes with an all-new commentary for Episode #680 (original airdate 27/01/1975).

Number 96 DVD vol 2: The Pantyhose Strangler
Final cover art: The Pantyhose Strangler

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