Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Confusion in the New Frontier?

I'm enjoying IDW Publishing's "Star Trek New Frontier" storyline, "Turnaround" by Peter David, very much but it must be very confusing to anyone who isn't familiar with the long-running book series that David writes for Pocket.

Robin Lefler's mom, Morgan Primus, looking like Number One, Chapel and Mrs Troi is worth a smirk or two in the novels (and her face was obscured by a hand mirror in the Wildstorm one-shot comic), but seeing Number One - er, Morgan - phasing in and out in the new comic issues requires some background knowledge from the books.

Likewise, M'Ress and Arex (formerly of TAS - see below) have just turned up for their NF comic cameos (issue #4) and casual TOS readers (or anyone who's just been reading IDW's various "Year Four" issues) are gonna wonder why they're suddenly in the 24th century.

Mress and Arex in New Frontier comic
Art by Stephen Thompson

And hey! We've now finally seen a depiction of Desma the Andorian - she's the new first officer (below) of the USS Trident, introduced a few novels ago.

Desma the Andorian
Art by Stephen Thompson


De said...

The requirement of being current with the novels is probably my biggest complaint about the comic.

Therin of Andor said...

PAD has that knack of being rather self-indulgent with his ST projects, but that's part of his appeal, too.

And luckily, my NF reading is (almost) up to date. I'm realising that I should have actually got to his "Mirror Universe" tale in the recent Pocket omnibus to catch even more clues in "Turnaround".