Monday, May 26, 2008

A licence to stop sneezing

When I was about eighteen years old, I had about six driving lessons - and decided that driving a motor vehicle reminded me of every sport I've ever tried (and detested): all that hand/eye coordination and outwitting your opponent... Ick!

So the world is definitely a safer place without me behind the wheel.

Travelling by public transport has never been much of a nuisance, and the money I save not running a car can be diverted to buying more books, action figures and comics - or booking the occasional taxi.

However, it's whenever I get a bad case of the sniffles - like today - that I run into trouble! In these dark of gloomy days of suspect-your-neighbour-of-everything, it's nigh impossible to buy strong cold and flu medication from a pharmacy without a driver's license, or at least equivalent proof of identity. My passport expired years ago - sigh - but who carries their passport to work and back every day unless you're a drug runner? - and it doesn't matter how choked up with mucous I happen to be, few chemists are willing to sell this potential "ice" manufacturer with pseudoephedrine!

I hear that some drug lords' minions spent their days going from pharmacy to pharmacy buying up cold and flu medication like it's going out of season, the crushing up the tablets to use as a major ingredient in ice.

Gosh, whenever I want ice, I just use plain tap water in a little plastic tray and stick it in the freezer! ;)

Ah choo!

(I did eventually get some cold and flu tablets, but with the hoops I had to jump through to get them, it almost would have been easier for me to go and do the computer simulator exercises, have a few driving lessons and pass my licence test first!)


De said...

We have that problem in America too, except we call it crystal meth here.

It's a real nuisance to have to present ID to buy cold medicine and I'm not entirely certain the crystal meth/ice problem has been deterred as a result if certain parts of my county are held up as an example.

Le sigh. Hope you feel better soon, my friend.

Therin of Andor said...

Pseudoephedrine = no more mucous!

A few months ago, a chemist mentioned that, here in New South Wales, at least six illegal drug factories have been traced due to the recordng of IDs to buy cold medication over the past fwew years. But I'm sure it just increases the black market for false IDs?

Therin of Andor said...

Article from newspaper