Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Iron Man and the Dark Knight

I'm hearing nothing but positive reviews for "Iron Man", the latest superhero movie based on the Marvel comic. Robert Downey Jr has been Down Under last week promoting the movie, and he's been on his best behaviour and very charming - and so passionate about the film.

Everyone is saying "Make sure you stay through the credits at the end". I always do, but it's great when you know there's a bonus for the ones who do stay! Can't wait. It opened here last Thursday. I've never really followed "Iron Man" in the comics, but I recall the animated series of the 70s(?) very well, and my younger brother's stunning yellow and red Mego action figure.

Tonight, the TV news shows have been running an intriguing new trailer for "Batman: The Dark Knight", featuring the late Heath Ledger as the Joker. This too looks amazing! A bit longer to wait for this one, though. They are predicting a posthumous Academy Award for Ledger. The media is also suggesting that the regimen (and solitary confinement) the actor voluntarily put himself through, as preparation to get into the Joker's head, is partly to blame for his ongoing problems sleeping, and his dependence on the cocktail of drugs which claimed his life. Sad.

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