Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bloomin' heck

My friend The Other Andrew's beautiful spring nasturciums pic reminds me:

Last October, I was holidaying at a dog-friendly farm stay B&B in Grafton, and the woman who runs the place had the most glorious, vivid yellow nasturciums - and she allowed me to take some cuttings. Knowing how prolific nasturciums can be, I had no doubt that the cuttings would grow like weeds - and indeed, there has been plenty of foliage. They trail beautifully.

It's been a very busy week - lots of late afternoons at work - and I've not really been out in the yard much before dark this week - and on Friday night I noticed that the first flush of (presumably vivid yellow?) nasturcium flowers has actually been and gone! Drat. And double drat.

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