Thursday, August 31, 2006

Action figures haiku

Playtrek is a Star Trek action figure mailing list, a wonderful online community of like-minded collectors. Currently, in between the Star Trek conversations, they are having a haiku verse-writing contest and Playtrek's members are busily counting syllables and getting creative.

Here are a few of my own entries, running the gamut of the aspects of toy collecting:

Andorian Haiku
Shortpacks: bane of all
So I buy up all the Shrans
Soon: rich on eBay!

Openers' Haiku
Celebrate your stash
Rip those packages open!
Be not a mint-ee.

Customizers' Haiku
Wander the toy aisles
Seeking out the perfect head -
Chop, carve, glue, paint, grin...

Shortpack Haiku
Feisty one: Esoqq
Limited one to a case.
As rare as hen's teeth.

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