Sunday, December 11, 2011

Vale Margaret McLean

Lunar eclipse

Eastern Australia hosted a rare lunar eclipse in the wee hours of this morning. As much as you might think this only a spectacular natural phenomenon, it also marked my Mum's departure from Earth.

Watch out Sto'Vo'Kor - and Dad - here comes another proud and confident warrior.

Mum passed away peacefully not long after midnight. How amazing that the heavens gave her a beautiful lunar eclipse as her finale. (My apologies for anyone finding out first via this blog or Facebook. It's still early on a Sunday morning here and I have only just begun to ring people.) And thanks everyone for your responses to my Facebook updates on the Friday night, as I sat with her. The gentle buzzing of my iPhone kept Mum, Jack and me company on Friday night, as your messages of support were coming through.

Jack and ALF
Jack and ALF keep a vigil.

Ian & Mum
R.I.P. Margaret McLean

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Evan said...

I hope you have a sense of peace as you mourn.