Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas 2011 approaches!

I put the Christmas tree up. Decorating it was quite carthartic after the eventful weekend. Even though I collect and date two new ornaments for the tree each year, I realised how many extra ornaments I have, tucked into my Christmas gift by my Mum.

Of course, last year, it was impossible to put up a tree when the lounge room was full of dog cage!

Christmas 2011
Christmas 2011

Spock angel
Closeup on my customised Spock angel tree topper

This year's new ornaments are:

Wild Thing and Max
Wild Thing and Max

Mary Poppins' umbrella
Mary Poppins' umbrella

Mini View-Master
Hallmark View-Master ornament from 2008, not a normal size View-Master!

I couldn't resist buying one more this year! This is a teeny, tiny Hallmark limited edition Keepsake ornament from 2008, not a normal size View-Master, but the 3D specialist mail order firm I deal with found a few in their warehouse. They are sure to vanish quickly, though. The three reels feature "A night before Christmas" in 21 stereo pairs.

Andorian koala

And this powder blue Andorian koala turned up in the mail from an old "Star Trek" friend on Friday!


Anonymous said...

I need the Spok angel tree topper!!! Did you make that??

Therin of Andor said...

Yes. It was a blue-shirt Spock ornament from the old Las Vegas "Star Trek Experience", custom repainted by me, and with wings and halo added.