Saturday, June 18, 2011

Winter Magic Festival 2011

Winter Magic steam train
Steam Train at Katoomba Railway Station

Winter Magic dragon
A dragon leads a group from Katoomba Public School (pic courtesy of Maxine)

Winter Magic bad bunny
Bad bunny in the street parade

Winter Magic busker
A busker with his two puppets

Winter Magic wolf in Grandma's clothes
Wolf in Grandma's clothes

Winter Magic spiders
Shop window white spiders
More Winter Magic spiders

And my souvenir of the day:

Argon the dragon
Argon the dragon, bought from Rod and Eryn


Anonymous said...

great pictures.
...wasn't it a great day and night!
Our train followed the puffin' billy train.
Lots of fun.

Victor Davidson said...

If the pics are an indication of the atmosphere it must have been a magic day!

Crys Mills said...

I love the dragons, both first and last... it all looks great fun .