Monday, June 20, 2011

Vale Max

I had my "Magic Circle Club" photograph professionally
framed, along with Max Bartlett's autograph!

Dammit. I just tried to send Max Bartlett ("Magic Circle Club") an email update and it bounced back. I've just Googled him and uncovered the headline of a "Herald-Sun" obituary, so it seems Max passed away in July 2010, not too long after Tedd Dunn (Fredd Bear).

As a fan, one tries not to be too much of a pest, but the time goes so fast. And then... they're gone. Seems like only yesterday that Max and I met, and my memories of several phone calls are strong (eg. "I rang you because I thought it might give you more of a thrill than sending a text message"). I'm hoping to do something with the interview I conducted (April 2009). Several irons are still in the fire...

Vale Max!

Max in Magic Circle Club

Ian and Max
Ian & Max meet in April 2009

Ian in Class 1A, 1965
Me - when I first discovered
"Magic Circle Club!"


TelevisionAU said...

Also sad to hear that Godfrey Philipp who co-created The Magic Circle Club and Adventure Island has died.

Therin of Andor said...

It was only when I tried to email Max about the memorial service for Mr Philipp that I realised Max was gone as well.

Here's an article from "The Age" about the service for Godfrey Philipp. Tragic.