Saturday, June 04, 2011

A taste of Jam Sandwich

In 1983, I renewed my acquaintance with ABC-TV director, Virginia Lumsden, who had overseen an episode of "Mr Squiggle and Friends" I did in January 1980.

"Jam Sandwich" was a children's afternoon magazine show, quite similar to "Simon Townsend's Wonder World". The night they featured science fiction media fan clubs: including Astrex (the NSW Star Trek Fan Club) and the Australasian Doctor Who Club. Young reporter Rachel Enright was making her "Jam Sandwich" debut. Her more experienced host, Tim Grogan, who'd been with the show since its first episode in October 1982, even forgot her name at the end!

We were invited to gather, in costume, one evening at the original 106a Bathurst Street location of Galaxy Bookshop.

The show's opening credits resembled a "Space Invaders" computer game.

Rachel Enright and Tim Grogan presentingwhiteGalaxy Bookshop, 1983
Rachel Enright and Tim Grogan presenting; Rachel discovers Galaxy Bookshop - and K-9.

K-9whiteRachel discovers Galaxy's range

Ron Serduik morphs into...whiteRon Serduik morphs into Karsten John
Assistant Manager Ron Serduik morphs into "Doctor Who" fan, Karsten John.

Captain Therin beams downwhiteThe Empress beams down
Therin of Andor (Ian McLean) and the Empress of Traken (Carol Bott) beam down.

Rachel and Karsten witness a beam-down
Rachel and Karsten witness a beam-down!

Carol as the Empress of TrakenwhiteCaptain Therin's captioned alter ego

Rachel Enright interviews Captain Therinwhiteoooufp1
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Aliens from "USS Hood Orientation Manual: Races of the Federation".

oooufp4whiteSaurian in Races of the Federation fanzine

Vulcan in Races of the Federation fanzinewhiteZaranite in Races of the Federation fanzine

Therin on Jam Sandwich

Gary Armstrong's homemade K-9whiteGary Armstrong
Gary Armstrong explains how he built his K-9 robot.

K-9's control boxwhiteCaptain Therin and Empress of Traken browsing
K-9's control box (80s-style miniaturisation); Therin goes browsing.

Captain Therin browsingwhiteChristina Amphlett on Jam Sandwich
Chrissy Amphlett and the Divinyls accompany the episode's closing credits (above right).


Kevin said...

Was that run by the same people who run the Galaxy bookshop in Sydney now?

Therin of Andor said...

Abbeys Bookshops chain have always owned Galaxy, but there have been numerous Galaxy managers (Shayne, John, Jo, Stephanie, etc) over the years. The store has been located in Bathurst St, then Castlereagh St, then Clarence St - and is now its second York St location (inside Abbey's, upstairs), just a few doors down from the old York St store.

Dallas jones said...

Sue Willis also worked on this and in the 60s she worked on Doctor Who