Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Miss Playtrek's return Down Under

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Miss Playtrek is back in Australia, albeit temporarily, recently arriving in Bathurst. After a few weeks of looking out rainy Bathurst windows, Playtrekker Sammy's doll collection finally decided it was time to throw the visiting Miss Playtrek her official welcoming party.

Miss Playtrek arrives at "La Grande Maison Rose" (the big pink house) in her hire car, a magenta Jaguar:

Miss Playtrek arrives
(Nothing but the best for Miss Playtrek!)

Miss Playtrek visits Granny
Granny Barbie goes a little overboard with Miss Playtrek's "light" lunch.

Miss Playtrek at the pool
Just enough time for some sun by the pool.

Miss Playtrek's bath - in Bathurst
And a luxurious bath... in Bathurst!

Miss Playtrek's party
... before everyone arrives to party!!:

Some celebrities joined in for the occasion:

Miss Playtrek and The X-Files
Scully & Mulder of "The X-Files"...

Miss Playtrek swept off her feet by Jacob
Swept off her feet by Jacob sometime around "Twilight"...

Miss Playtrek meets the Angels
Meeting "Charlie's Angels"...

An awesome night for Miss Playtrek! For now, it's time for bed... and sweet dreams:

Miss Playtrek's dream

Soon, Sammy and Miss Playtrek are believed to be headed to the famous Mount Panorama to see how she handles the Jaguar.

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