Sunday, September 05, 2010

Pearl Beach memories

Recently, my family has been reminiscing about Pearl Beach, on the Central Coast of NSW, destination of many McLean family vacations over the years. I'm really not much of a beach person, but made a pilgrimage there today, being the first Father's Day since my Dad's passing, and it seemed like an appropriate time to check out this beautiful part of paradise.

Dad at Pearl Beach
Dad at Pearl Beach, 1968

I've also dredged up a few comparison shots from the old photo albums, which in desperate need of a revamp. Those white "sticky page" albums of the 70s have a tendency to either turn a ghastly yellow, lose all adhesion - and all the photos slide out - or they cling onto the photos and make them impossible to remove for scanning.

I've decided to juxtapose some of the images. For example, here is Lion Island, as seen in 2010 (from the Mt Ettymalong Lookout), and from the beach in 1970, in glorious b/w:

Lion Island

Lion Island

In 1966, 1968 and 1970, we stayed at Bob Godding's beach house on the corner of Diamond Road and Agate Avenue:

House at Agate Avenue
House at Agate Avenue, 1966

Little Keith
Ian, Keith & Brian McLean and "Little Keithie from across the road", 1968

House at Agate Avenue
House at Agate Avenue, 1968

House at Agate Avenue
Replacement house at Agate Avenue, 2010; Bob's house
had been extended in the early 70s, but supposedly burned down and rebuilt

Pearl Beach lagoon
Pearl Beach lagoon, 1966

Pearl Beach lagoon
Pearl Beach lagoon, 2010

Rock pool at Pearl Beach
Rock pool, 1968

Rock pool at Pearl Beach under repair
Rock pool under repair, 2010

Mum at Pearl BeachwhiteBrian 1968
Mum and Brian, 1968

Rocks at Pearl Beach
Rock wall being reinforced, 2010

Best buddieswhiteFish
Keith and Brian; Keith, Brian, fish, and Ian, 1970

Meanwhile, how come I'm always the palest one in any beach picture?


Blue-ringed octopus at Pearl Beach

Here's the article about my capture of a deadly blue-ringed octopus at Pearl Beach in 1973. The Daily Telegraph did an extensive interview by reverse-charges - on the only public phone in Pearl Beach - but the story was watered down after several more octopuses were caught on the Central Coast the same day. Must have been breeding season?

Brush turkey at Pearl BeachwhiteLizards at Pearl Beach
Brush turkey crosses Pearl Parade; lizards at Mt Ettymalong Lookout, 2010

Mrs Gava's old house on Pearl Parade
Mrs Gava's old house on Pearl Parade, 2010; we stayed here in 1973,
behind the now-sealed up middle door!

Shop/cafe at Pearl Beach
Revamped shop/cafe on Pearl Parade, 2010; site of the original Post Office Store.

We hope do do a family picnic at Pearl Beach, sometime soon. More photos as they come to hand!

Shell painting
Shell painting in acrylics on canvas, with driftwood border,
bought from Pearl Beach General Store & Cafe. Artist: Peter Baka, 2009.

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Therin of Andor said...

Wow, just stumbled across a Wikipedia article that caused a huge Pearl Beach deja vu!

"Some cases of urticaria caused by sensitivity to laundry detergent can be lessened by rewashing all fabrics in ammonia with heavy rinse cycle and 90c temperatures".

This happened to us - and I can even tell you exactly when: the introduction of "Cold Power" washing powder to the Australian market in early 1968 - because my two brothers and I were at Pearl Beach that year, and were absolutely covered in blotches. People thought we had some dreadful contagious disease.

A Central Coast chemist ordered all our clothes to be rewashed. The four adults in the house had been unaffected by my mother's massive getting-ready-for-holidays washing marathon, but we didn't buy "Cold Power" for about 20 years after that.