Saturday, February 12, 2011

Brrrrrm! Bye Bye Bathurst!

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Miss Playtrek is still with Playtrekker Sammy in Bathurst, Australia, but her time with him is coming to an end. Since Sam did promise Miss Playtrek a chance to do some car racing at famous Mount Panorama, they headed there last Saturday... There were actual races going on, so her plan to "do a circuit" were nixed. But Sam did snap a quick pic:

Miss Playtrek at Mount Panorama
"Bye Bye Bathurst!"

Intent on having some racing fun, Miss Playtrek took to the streets below The Mount to show what she can do behind the wheel of the "Playtrek Porsche". Unfortunately, Sam wasn't the only one watching:

Miss Playtrek - busted
Miss Playtrek meets Officer Ken.

Now that Brisbane's floodwaters have subsided, Miss Playtrek will be heading off to fellow Aussie John M, in Queensland... That is, provided she and Sammy have finished their ten hours of community service by next Wednesday!

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mmtz said...

Will Miss Playtrek be traveling to Kirtland Underground Munitions Storage Comples, New Mexico, and encounter any zombified Star Trek action figures from Infestation?

Therin of Andor said...

Sounds like a challenge, Mark! ;)