Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tribble Lotto!

The long-awaited return of "Hey! Hey! It's Saturday!" (on a Wednesday), and its wacky "Chook Lotto" segment, had me scratching around today to see if I could find some photographic evidence of "Tribble Lotto", a live game show I hosted at a Sydney-based science fiction media convention called TimeWarped, way back in 1986.

Hosting duties at TimeWarped Convention

While the costume parade (above left, me as an Aurelian) ran at the regular convention hotel at Hyde Park, everyone adjourned to the ballroom of the Koala Hotel on Oxford Street for a huge banquet and dinner/dance. The between-courses entertainment was... "Tribble Lotto", hosted by (above right) The Greatest Australian Hero.

Tribble Lotto at TimeWarped Convention

The tribbles were all numbered and a lucky Klingon was selected to randomly choose them with a burrundi wand (actually a "bear-undi wand", because it had a little teddy bear tied to the end of it). She was assisted by my co-host, Athena, the Girl from the Green Dimension ("Lost in Space"). The audience ticked off numbers on their entry forms.

Watch out for the Supplementary Glommer (below)!

Tribble Lotto at TimeWarped Convention
Convention guests, Walter Koenig (Chekov of "Star Trek")
and his wife, Judy Levitt, play along with the game.

The first contestant to fill their squares of tribbles has to do a "Chekov scream" to win.

Tribbles from Lincoln Enterprises catalogue
Tribbles on the night came from the Lincoln Enterprises catalogue!

Greatest Australian Hero
The game is over; back to the dance floor!

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