Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I found Wally!


Coincidence time?

Okay, so I went looking for my passport today - missing for a decade, and long-expired, but missing nonetheless, and I need to hand it back to get a new one issued - and I searched and searched, in all the same places and I found... Wally! (AKA "Waldo" in the USA, of "Where's Waldo" puzzle book fame. Don't ask me why he's Wally Down Under; the evil Wally is still Odlaw, ie. "Waldo" spelled backwards).

Wally's the perpetual world traveller - I'll bet he's never lost his passport - and it seemed rather ironic to me that I could find Wally in the garage and not the elusive passport. Again. This has been going on, this search, for almost ten years. Admit defeat? Never! How weird was it that, in the same box, was my 1970-vintage autographed fan card of Aussie celebrity Skeeter the Paperboy (the late James Kemsley, of "Skeeter's Cartoon Corner" and a former "Ginger Meggs" cartoonist)? And here were Skeeter and Wally with matching shirts!

Well, after a short break for a photo shoot with Skeeter and Wally, I went back to the garage. Another hour or so of rummaging, with the torch batteries faltering... I found my passport. The very last box in the furthest corner! Of course. Murphy's Law. Or Odlaw's Law?


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