Monday, April 26, 2010

Mimi vs Abi


I found my "Mirror Minors" membership button only the other day. For some reason Mimi of the Sunday Mirror was far more appealing than Charlie Chuckles of the opposition. (I think you had to send several stamps to join Charlie's group.) Mimi published numerous cartoons from me in the late 60s/early 70s, plus letters, jokes, riddles and even a little self portrait.

The Sunday Mirror was the "naughty one". It was the one with bare breasted would-be celebrities (and Abigail of "Number 96"!) in the TV pages by the critic, "Veritas". Our priest used to warn how wicked it was at mass, and how disappointed he was when members of his congregation bought it over the other two choices on a Sunday morning. But they had the best cartoon section.

I've been meaning to pull out the old scrapbook with all my old contributions in it, and perhaps reprint a few here. Meanwhile, I did find an old headline page from 1973 to use as background for my "Mimi" membership button as today's pic of the day.


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