Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vale Sir Jasper

I heard today that Australian character actor Ernie Bourne has passed away.

More details on his career on

I was a little stunned to learn he was only 76. That would make him incredibly youthful when playing wicked Sir Jasper Crookly in "The Magic Circle Club" (which I first watched during my Infants school years) and flustered Fester Fumble in "Adventure Island" a long, long time ago. But I've since been advised that the IMDb site is wrong, and he was actually 82.

Decades later, of course, Ernie Bourne popped up as the hapless chef in "Prisoner", attempting to supervise the feisty female prisoners, and as the guy teaching Charlene (Kylie Minogue) how to be a mechanic on "Neighbours".

An amazing comedy talent! Now gone to Sir Jasper's Hideaway in the Sky... He will be missed.

Sir Jasper Crookly

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RJ said...

I've submitted a correction to IMDB for Ernie Bourne's birth date. Not sure how long it will take them to process it though.