Friday, January 16, 2009

MIXing it up with VEGA

I finally switched over to Tony, Bec and Mikey on Sydney breakfast radio, VEGA 95.3 FM, this week, and I'm so glad. I really like what VEGA does with its music and all three hosts are a real hoot. (Two days of Sonia & Todd back at MIX 106.5 FM were really forgettable and underwhelming, and I've been with the old 2UW since the Malcolm T Elliott & Peter Shanahan days.)

I followed Tony and Bec on the very funny "Big Brother: Big Mouth" last year. And Mikey I've enjoyed on TV for years! Some really good laughs. And Jason Baumann, Penrith local boy and former MIX breakfast announcer, turned up as the traffic reporter!

I tried switching to VEGA a few years ago, when Nathan Hardy started there, but the signal out to Penrith was very weak. My housemate could get it in the car, but the reception here in the house was awful. Seems much improved!

Well done guys! You have a new listener!

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Sandi said...


Peter David wouldn't do that to me? Would he?
I'm devastated.

She better be only a little bit dead and not all dead.

Quick! Someone find a 'genesis planet' and and some Vulcans. Was Tuvok there when she died?