Sunday, October 21, 2007

Perth or bust! - and back again already

Thanks to the wonders of the wonderful "Post options" command, I've been in Perth, visiting with my parents. Not having to dart off to Internet cafes to post blog entries - well, that was the intention, to back date some entries and pretend I was keeping a daily diary of events - but I'm back already. I actually thought I'd be missing for only the two weekends (plus the week between them) I was away, but catching up on all the goss is so overwhelming, I've been another week getting around to actually typing up something.

Handpainted religious artifact (above left, made in El Salvador) and purchased in New Norcia, Western Australia, plus a resin thong (or flip flop, above right) magnet from Perth.

I've been composing entries in my head all fortnight, but now I'm drawing a blank on everything I wanted to say. I'll try and elaborate during the week, but essentially: I got to remember all the good and bad things about living with one's parents again after so many years of being independent; I caught up with Adam, a long lost Star Trek pal from the 90s who, it turned out, lives only ten minutes away from my parents' place (and even still had two videotapes of mine); and I did plenty of catch-up Star trek novel and comic reading, so I owe you some reviews.

Over on TrekBBS, meanwhile, some fans are proudly announcing their intention to boycott the new movie, for a myriad of reasons. Ho hum. They are scared about the writers, about the new young cast and about any possibility the Enterprise will look different.

Hey, I heard people complain about changes made to the Enterprise, internal and external, and the SPFX, for ST:TMP, way back in 1978. Many of them changed their minds once the movie came out, and some even denied ever hating the idea of change.

But a boycott? I couldn't bear knowing there was a new Star Trek adventure out there that I hadn't seen yet. Quality just doesn't concern me in that first instance (but quality will influence how many times I go back to the cinema to see it again before the DVD comes out, just like the last ten movies.) In fact, it already drives me crazy that I haven't got back to the US for a visit since the Las Vegas Hilton opened its two Star Trek rides. New live-action footage, and I haven't seen it.

Thanks to De for noticing I was gone, and for his concern!

Sunday October 07's magic number: 93.8 - a slight rise, thanks to Mum's home cooking. Oh well, just as well I did long walks around the block every day.

Sunday October 14's magic number: 93.1 - and falling again. This is despite the fish 'n' chips on a Fremantle wharf. A highlight of my first night back home that the weight has been maintained despite having three square meals a day!

Sunday October 21's magic number: 91.3 - finally caught up to below where I'd been before I left for Perth. Hopefully it's all downhill till Christmas.

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