Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bone of contention

The book about the care of Jack Russell terriers says that they are guaranteed to make the owner laugh at least once a day - and it's never been wrong.

Tonight, I was walking Jack just after dark and, on a whim, I ended up adding an extra block to the size of our regular route. We were about halfway back when I noticed him pounce on something on the ground, but I jerked his lead and thought I'd circumvented any problems.

As we were approaching the home stretch, I realised that I hadn't heard Jack panting for quite some time. I glanced down and saw Jack grinning proudly, as best he could, while holding a huge chicken drumstick bone between his jaws.

Me: "Jack, drop it. Not for Jack."

Jack: "Grrrrrr."

In a fit of giggles, I set about trying to get him to release his grip on his prize.

At least he didn't get the chance to hide it under my doona.


De said...

Do you ever have the problem of Jack jumping on you while you're lying down? Zoe does this to me constantly until she's ready for a nap.

Therin of Andor said...

Sure. Especially this week; maybe he read your post?

Three days running, he's pounced on my chest at about 6am, then licked my ear until I've relented, got up and let him out into the back yard.