Thursday, October 04, 2007

Kirk's Bastards

I accidentally came across this very funny Star Trek fan film today, "Bastards of Kirk", a very funny send up of TV's "Sixty Minutes" and "Star Trek". There are so many clever things about this parody. The costuming is often quite inspired, and the acting performances very appealing. There's some typically fannish fastidious attention to detail, and the script even acknowledges the concept of four-gendered Andorians, hinted at by Data in "The Next Generation", and extrapolated by the Pocket Books' Star Trek novels set after "Deep Space Nine".


I particularly loved: the introduction of Kirk's Andorian half-breed son, Rhan (Erick Fournier, above centre); the hilarious interview with Apollo (previously of "Who Mourns for Adonais"), for which even the interviewer dresses the part; Nurse Chapel trying out a Rand-inspired hairstyle and explaining why Spock couldn't commit to her; Spock avoiding his interview in the most logical way; and the handsome but troubled young twins from Cheron (Clint Maguire as Elbe and Erick Fournier, again, as Zokai), only one of whom has inherited his Dad's unique speech patterns.

Enjoy all six parts!







Well done Red Fort Films and Bright Anvil Studios! (And there's a blog of the production, written as it happened.)


Erick said...

Hello from your friendly neighbourhood Andorian and Cheron.. or that is half-breeds.

Thank you for the review! I'm so happy that you liked it and I hope many others do to. I always have lots of fun watching this short and much more fun making it!

Don't miss out on other films made by Red Fort Films (now called IRN Films... check out the website at and Bright Anvil Studios (which is also going through a name change... but I don't remember what it's going to become... I'll keep you posted)... they are all awesome too!

Thanks again, and to all who are about to take the Bastards Journey... Enjoy!


De said...

Hey Ian, it's been a while since you've updated. Is everything okay?

Therin of Andor said...

G'day De!

Yeah, I'm fine, just been on week's vacation and another week's avoidance of blogging!

But hey, look (above)! Actor Erick Fournier (aka Rhan the Andorian) left me a comment!

I also heard from Maninder Chana, Executive Producer for "Bastards of Kirk", who said, "Thanks for the kudos. We appreciate it. Best of luck."

a.f.wilson said...

The scene with Rhan flushing out his antennae cracked me up. It'll crack my friends up even harder because I used a similar gag in role-play. Lt. Cdr. Therav was sitting in his chair doing something similar with a q-tip.