Sunday, April 01, 2007

Foundation Day, Springwood, NSW

What a glorious day to be in the Blue Mountains yesterday! Jack experienced a whole new vista of scents as he joined many Mountains-dwelling canines at Springwood's annual Foundation Day festivities.

I'd happened to notice a poster for this event on the Orient Hotel's front door on Friday night. I'd recalled finding it accidentally one year, but this time I made sure to get back up to Springwood early. I didn't really buy anything, except for homemade fudge - yum - and a few unique items from the garden store we like to frequent, plus pide for lunch. It was a fun day, nonetheless.

Foundation Day

Springwood's main street was sealed off to traffic and transformed into colourful market stalls - vacated only for the parade of floats and marching groups - and there was a very friendly, family-oriented, country atmosphere.

Jack was alternately exploring on all fours, and being carried in my arms (which he seemed to enjoy too much), and he made lots of acquaintances, both furred and human. We struck up a conversation with a young couple who were seriously considering their first Jack Russell. They'd watched us pass by a few times, and eventually asked for some background on the breed. Jack really made an impression of them; currently they have a very bored - and boring - King Charles Cavalier spaniel, who spends her days sitting on a blanket being an aloof princess. Methinks a Jack Russell will colour their world a little more than that. ;-)

Thanks, Springwood, you did well!

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