Wednesday, April 11, 2007

300 at IMAX

Last Thursday, a group of Star Trek fans were discussing the new movie, "300", outside the Meat & Wine Co. restaurant at Darling Harbour. Those who'd just seen the movie were giving it a glowing review. We glanced up - and there, looming over us, was a giant poster for the movie! It is showing on the giant screen at the nearby IMAX cinema.

So we are going there tonight. It's not my usual preference in movies, but I saw Aussie actor, David Wenham, being interviewed about it recently - and it's based on a graphic novel, so I'm intrigued.

I shall keep you all posted.

Captain's Log: Supplemental. Yep, it was a graphic novel, all right, turned into a movie. I did enjoy this experience, although the people I went with, who'd seen it before, felt that the IMAX screen caused the overall image to be too dull - the blood was more vibrant on a regular screen - and there was certainly lots of that. And the screen was so busy, it was often hard to decide where to look.

The performances were intriguing and the selection of camera angles and effects were often quite innovative. Several sequences reminded me very much of battle scenes from "The Lord of the Rings", particularly the oliphaunts - and one sequence where I could almost hear a member of the Middle-Earth Fellowship utter, "They have a cave troll!"

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