Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"That is all."

I'm back!

Due to a nagging lower back and leg pain in the weeks before I started my recent holiday, I made myself promise to have a sabbatical from all computers while I was away in Brisbane. Even though the friend I was staying with had Internet access ("I..... neeeeed..... to Blogggggggg...."), I think I showed great restraint!

Will start putting up my news tomorrow, but here's a clue as to what I've been up to:


Captain's Log: Supplemental. After several attempts to master Bluetooth - and make it talk to my iMac and several other friends' mobiles - I've finally managed to coerce a friend to Bluetooth my phone's pics of the Big Brother 2006 House onto his PC, and then email them across to my computer. So here they are:


Above: Big Brother bathroom ("clothes on" version); the yard; the Friday Night Live arena.


Above: Big Brother lounge room with Eviction Couch; kitchen close-up; the communal bedroom.


Above: Another section of communal bedroom; more wacky games costumes in the arena; the kitchen again.

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