Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fast week

I realised yesterday it was a week since my last entry. Where did that week go?

Today, two TrekBBS pals, Jean Prouvaire and the_real_adamj, and I attended the Sydney Kick-Off Meeting for NaNoWriMo, the (Inter)National Novel Writing Month at Books Kinokuniya. There were about forty enthusiastic people there, many of whom were back for their second, third and fourth attempt in the annual endeavour. I think I may have been the eldest. (Sigh...)

It seems we each have to produce about four typed pages daily to achieve the goal of a novel manuscript completed during November 2006. Mmmm. It might have been a fast week, but I fear that November will be a slow month. Or perhaps not? Wish us luck!

Coincidentally, when Jean contacted me about the project, I'd just bought a very cool "imagination" blue turquentine gemstone bracelet from Dreamworld, while I was away on vacation. The green "success" adventurine gemstone necklace I once wore certainly worked: days after buying it, I found out I'd succeeded in getting a job as editor of a professional journal. (When the leather lanyard broke four years later, it was perhaps a harbinger that my highly-coveted job was about to end.) I pray that my new "imagination" bracelet lasts at least the month. A little extra imagination will come in handy. (Or do they resemble worry beads too much?)


Captain's Log: Supplemental. Curiously, a rival company with similar gemstone jewellery, associates blue turquentine with "success", not "imagination", and green adventurine with "fortune". I really don't care if I get imagination, success or fortune, just so long as the gems do their bit!


Jean Prouvaire said...

Four pages ... or 1800 words a day, as someone kept on saying. Someone's maths was faulty. Oh, that would be me. It's only 1667 words a day. Or just a bit over three pages. That's a lot easier on the mind and on the fingers, isn't it?

Therin of Andor said...

Did you notice how deftly I was letting you do all the calculations? Interesting that the NaNoWriMo ratio is about the same as the Jennifer Bacia formula I mentioned: three pages per day without fail. Ah, sounds so easy when you say it that way...