Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Chinese tattoo names

Every so often I play an ego-boosting/self-indulgent/curiosity-feeding game with the Google search engine and check out where "Ian McLean" and "Therin of Andor" are being discussed on the Internet, and what's being reported and by whom. It's often very enlightening, and I've even found some new and old friends by browsing Google in this way. I've also found places where my work has been plagiarized, sometimes quite blatantly, with no effort being made by the other person to acknowledge me or seek my permission. Some people don't realize that "Ian McLean", "Therin of Andor" and "Lindsay Street Productions" are all me, and it's given away some strange behaviours out there.

Today, Google showed me that someone had quoted my Blogspot profile to add the name Therin to a site called Chinese Tattoo Names. How cool!

Therin ChineseIan Chinese

Check out your name. It might just be there. All the common first names seem to be represented, but Blogspot profiles seem to be offering them some unusual names, too.


Alex Filatov said...

Hi Therin!
I've moved this my Chinese Tattoo Names website to a new domain name
Could you please change this link to a new domain name?
Thank you in advance!

Therin of Andor said...

Done Alex!

Gosh, a lot of people find these tattoos via Google Images! Amazing!