Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Have Phaser, Will Travel

It's been a very nostalgic couple of weeks:

* My nephew, Brian Jr, turned 21 - and I took my friend Leonie, but it only seemed like a few years ago that Leonie and I were at the 21st birthday party of my brother, also Brian, who was born in 1964 and is Brian Jr's Dad! Where did that time go?

* "Superman Returns" opened in cinemas (it filmed here in Sydney and I had watched a scene being lensed in Martin Place last year) and in so many ways the director achieved his aim of connecting with "Superman: The Movie" and "Superman II", wonderful films I saw in my teachers college days in the 70s;

* I've been helping out the producers of the upcoming DVD edition of the 70s Aussie soap opera phenomenon, "Number 96" (coming to Australian DVD outlets on 10th July from Umbrella Entertainment);

* and I've been adding names, phone numbers, addresses, URLs, emails and birthdays of all my friends and family to my brand new, first mobile phone - and realizing that it's been so long since I've made contact with a few of them that their details are probably incorrect. I seem to spend more time chatting with new (online) friends - and complete strangers - than the people I used to spend such a lot of time with in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Since I spend so much time online anyway, usually hanging around "Star Trek" bulletin boards, or adding little details to my "Number 96" and "Star Trek" websites - when I should be writing substantial slabs of first draft for my various (skeletal) book projects - I thought that finally signing myself up to a blog would be a way to make myself write more often - or at least waste more time more constructively.

You can expect that this blog will frequently wax lyrical about: my adventures in science fiction media fandom over the years; perhaps some funny school stories (I'm a primary school teacher and teacher-librarian); my efforts to get some halfbaked story ideas turned into books; and anecdotes about Andorians, superheroes, "Star Trek" toys and Jack Russell terriers.

So, please enjoy!

This has been Therin of Andor. Or is that Loquacious of Borg?

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