Friday, July 28, 2006

Murphy's Law: Making a spectacle

Yes, "Murphy's Law" is alive and well. Two weeks ago, I finally managed to make time to report to my ophthalmic surgeon and find out if my glasses needed new lenses. I can usually tell - the closing credits at the movies go blurry, although over the years movie screens have diminished in size, so is that a fair yardstick any more? I was a little shocked to find out, when I rang to book an appointment, that I wasn't on the ophthalmic surgeon's computer system. So was the receptionist, as all files from the last ten years had been entered ages ago.

The verdict: eleven years since the last appointment - and very little change - a far cry from my early teens when my eyes worsened substantially every two years or so. (The current glasses remind me of that joke about the old television set that gave excellent service, even though it had several new cases and three new picture tubes.) Eleven years ago, I was convinced to get innovative "bendy" metal frames, but when they broke it was right on the "bendy" bit, and soldering them was impossible. The lenses were hastily reground into the only selection of frames that would accept the lenses. A few years later, those frames broke, too, a few days before something important, and again soldering the metal was only a temporary option. The lenses were hastily reground again, into the only selection of frames that would accept the lenses. Deja vu.

Anyway, because there was so little difference in my vision this time, I decided to change only my old prescription sunglasses, which had an even earlier, weaker set of lenses in them. I mean, 20 year-old aviator-style sunnies are back in fashion, yes? As I was leaving, after placing my order, the OPSM staff asked why I wasn't updated the regular glasses, too. "The lenses are very scratched, the head of the adjustment screw on one side is broken off and there are so many trendier frames these days, you know..."

And so, the voodoo curse was passed over my old frames. They broke, irreparably, a few days ago - sproing! - just hours after the upgraded sunnies had arrived at the OPSM shop from the factory (or whatever you call a lense-grinding facility). I had the exciting choice of wearing either the nerdy, sticky-taped-together regular spectacles, with eleven-year-old, weaker, scratched lenses, for a week, or the dark prescription sunglasses. I shall leave it up to your imagination as to which delightfully embarrassing spectacle I made on Parent Interview Evening.

Needless to say, I ordered an emergency replacement of new (trendy) frames and (correct) lenses immediately - which arrived, as promised, this afternoon. Onya OPSM! Now I shall look very trendy for at least a few months of the next eleven years...

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