Saturday, October 09, 2010

Happy 75th Luna Park Sydney!

Feeling nostalgic in Milson's Point today (I went off to Luna Park to pick up some anniversary goodies!), I realised that the Youtube footage of the "Number 96" characters' 1976 visit to Luna Park Sydney is actually missing its fleeting glimpse of the familiar face! In this, Luna Park's 75th Anniversary week, I believe it's about time to dig out the ol' pics!

Luna Park in 1976
Luna Park in "Number 96" in '76

Big Dipper with Sydney Harbour Bridge in the backgroundwhiteBig Dipper

Dorrie on the Big Dipper
Dorrie, Herb, Flo and Junior on the Big Dipper

Topsy Turvy HousewhiteTopsy Turvy Flo
Topsy Turvy Flo

Herb and FlowhiteDorrie's chips
Refreshments? Now?

Junior Winthrop eating hot chipswhiteJunior Winthrop on the Tumble Bug
Junior feasts on hot chips and heads for the Tumble Bug

Dorrie staggers
Dorrie staggers

Fairy Floss in Coney IslandwhiteA touch of Marilyn - air vent in Coney Island
Fairy floss - and a touch of Marilyn with an air vent, Coney Island

Sydney Harbour Bridge backdrop
Sydney Harbour Bridge backdrop

Return to the Big DipperwhiteBack on the Big Dipper
Back on the Big Dipper!

One last piewhiteStaggering out the front gate
One more pie before home!

(Airdate of "And They Said It Wouldn't Last": 24/06/76, Network Ten.)

As for today:

75th Anniversary Luna Park Sydney Monopoly
Yes, it's 75th Anniversary Luna Park Sydney Monopoly!
Limited to 2500 copies, available only from their souvenir shop or the website!

My Aussie Monopoly tokens

I got to thinking, though: this game needed some Aussie icons as tokens, not the traditional car, shoe, thimble, hat, etc. Racing past three George Street souvenir shops, on my way to the railway station, I quickly found a miniature Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House in painted resin, a Combi van with surfboard on top (pencil topper), a silver and enameled thong (flip flop) with road signs on the inner sole (mobile phone charm), fuzzy kangaroo and koala (keyrings) and two thimbles, illustrating a boomerang and Sydney Tower. Clever, eh?

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