Monday, November 23, 2009

That was the week that was


Stunning flowers fill the gardens around the base of old palm trees in the war memorial park halfway along the shopping centre on High Street, in Penrith. 16 November 2009.


Jack takes "Tiger" to bed. Yes, the current "tiger" is actually a sheepskin platypus. Poor confused dog. 17 November 2009.


These hardy flowers are in numerous commercial stores' flower beds in Penrith. 18 November 2009.


Christmas decorations at the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) in the Sydney CBD. 19 November 2009.


Home customised "Bear and Chook" Christmas ornament. 20 November 2009.


Alien invasion of my bedroom. These little guys are from the "Toy Story" series of Pixar animated films, of course. The one on the mauve base is a very annoying talking night light. The other foreground alien is a bootleg battery operated toy from a bargain importer. The alien teddy is one of those collectible Japanese bears. 21 November 2009.


Jack finally meets Wishbone at Mash cafe in Glenbrook. They were surprisingly well behaved while we ate breakfast. 22 November 2009.

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