Friday, August 14, 2009

Three in one

Through the security glass, at night.
12 August 2009.

Bear and Chook wait for a taxi. A big day
of filming at Caddies Creek Public School.

13 August 2009.

The Fool, or court jester, Shakespeare Collection
series of figural Toby jugs. Staffordshire Ceramics.

14 August 2009.

1 comment:

Captain Incredible said...


Toby jugs - the horror, the horror...

I've never understood the concept of the Toby jug - invariably ugly, sometimes downright traumatizing, the sort of ornament that seems designed for your least-favourite great-aunt who used to pinch you when you visited as a child - truly the stuff of nightmares...

Sorry, lost the run of myself there, as we say in Dublin. But I did have a psycho aunt with 'ornaments'...