Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Inglorious misspellings

I saw "Inglourious Basterds" (sic) last night. Some really innovative moments, but captions were a strain over such a long movie. I was going to post a longer review this afternoon, but when I arrived home, there was an incessant alarm-like sound filling the house.

After checking all the smoke alarms, I finally tracked the noise down to the electronic timer on the oven. We'd obviously had a power outage during the day, and the silly thing simply refused to reset itself. No matter how many buttons were twiddled, it continued to buzz. You can imagine the stress it put on the dog's ears! (Not to mention mine.)

Over five hours later, I'd finally located the old instruction book, which recommended pulling out a fuse from the outside electrical box for ten minutes.

Success. The silence is golden. Or is it? To tell the truth, the lack of buzz has now left me feeling rather nauseous, and emotionally fragile. It's worse than Chinese water torture!


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sandi said...

Same thing happened with the oven here. There is no manual and no buttons on the oven would stop it, so I ended up unplugging it from the wall.
The oven is gas but it still uses electricity for the igniting of the gas which never worked and we had to use a match, and the timer, which also appears to be broken.

Never used the timer anyway so it stayed unplugged. No more random beeping!