Monday, April 27, 2009

Sneaky sneak previews

Thanks to a Facebook colleague's timely heads-up while I was on vacation, I had to undertake a mission to SMS every friend I knew who possibly had access to "boutique SMS calls", since mine was blocked. One of those who sent in a newspaper competition entry on my behalf came through, and tonight my friend Karen and I saw...

... a sneak preview of JJ Abram's new "Star Trek" movie in the Sydney CBD.

Oh wow! "Star Trek" has been reborn, and it's wonderful!

So thank you John, Fleur, Leonie, Paul, Karen, Steve and Maggie, for helping me out in my hour of need. I have no way of knowing which SMS actually won the double pass, but I am thrilled that one of you has magical texting abilities!


1 comment:

Plainswell said...

Jealous is.

I shall have to wait another week or so for enlightenment...