Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Bullies beware

I truly used to think that, one day, I would be free from schoolyard bullies.

As a teacher myself, I spend so much of my life helping defenseless little kids to ride out their first encounters with bullying, and it continually hurts when I remember (via personal experiences) that adults are out there, bullying other adults, deliberately trying to take away someone else's fun, stomping on perceived tall poppies, and admonishing happy people for their behaviour, just as often.

Even via the Internet.

And I thank those who rally around the bullied person, giving them encouragement, and telling the bully, in unison, that enough is enough. Thank you.


Frederick said...

I wasn't aware that something was going on. Care to elaborate?

But I know how you feel. Whatever form it took, you have my sympathy!

Therin of Andor said...

Best to let sleeping dogs lie again now. But the way things were yesterday it felt very good (and important) to put it out there. Thanks for the support!