Sunday, November 09, 2008

"Your Pupaccino (tm) is served..."

Today, Jack ended up accompanying a small group of friends to the Newtown Festival: a huge and colourful inner-city community event, featuring music, food and craft stalls. Staged annually for the past 30 years by the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, this festival just gets bigger and brighter each year. There must have been over 200 stalls. The organisers also boasted four performing stages, a huge kids and family area, a writers' stage and learn-to-be eco area.

After a few hours of walking around the festival, in the not-too-unpleasant heat, Jack had earned a visit to Cafe Bones at Leichhardt. Cafe Bones is in a leash-free area, and serves the only Pupaccinos (tm) in town.

Tongue action
Ice cold Pupaccino (tm) - note the tongue action.

Jack has't been there since he was a little pup. That time, it was his first ever off-leash experience, and I found out how badly he responded to his name when he scarpered off after a trio of schnauzers. He also embarrassed himself by polishing off every other dog's pupaccino.

This time he performed much better. If I waited till he seemed to be returning to me under his own steam, then I called his name, waved a bag of liver jerky treats, then he'd actually look like he was doing as he was told. He was totally oblivious to the pushy, three-legged beagle who hovered over abandoned pupaccinos like a wet-nosed, three-legged furry vulture.

If you own a dog, give yourself a treat and take your deserving canine friend to Cafe Bones.

Cafe Bones, LeichhardtwhitePupaccino Bar at Cafe Bones

Sunday's magic number: 94.9 - okay, I'll blame yesterday's shopping trip for some of those extra kilojoules.

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