Saturday, November 22, 2008

Star Trek, I mean Wars, no I mean Trek...

If you thought Friday afternoon's Shatner clip (sending up JJ Abrams' Star Trek movie) was good, then you may like this even more:

Re the upcoming Star Trek movie: many fans seem to be terrified of "changes to the canon" (previous live-action, screened Trek).

If one is open to the possibility that change can be good, and that such change might even be better, or at least more relevant to 21st century audiences, then "wait and see" is a sensible approach. No one can change the content of the film. It's in the can. Not "waiting and seeing" is futile, especially if the film turns out to be very good.

I recall people prejudging the rumoured death of Spock in ST II - including Roddenberry himself - but in the end it turned out pretty well, and most people who said they hated the idea still ended up enjoying ST II.

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Sandi said...

Very well done Star Wars clip with the Trek audio.

I am looking forward to the movie. I'm waiting and seeing.