Sunday, September 28, 2008

100 friends - nostalgia plus!

Congratulations children's author Geoffrey McSkimming (aka Cairo Jim), and information specialist Karen Bonanno who just made the cut: I now have 100 friends on Facebook. For what it's worth. Not bad for three weekends of diligent combing of virtual nooks and crannies.

Through Facebook, I also made renewed contact with two colleagues from my Guild Teachers College days, and have found myself rummaging through photograph albums, and dusty nooks and crannies of my brain, to swap anecdotes.

I particularly love these two photos from the 1979 College Yearbook, which I edited in my last term at college:

Jog to College Day
Ian with Peter Morris in George Street, Sydney, "Jog to College Day" (1979)

Kermit (Angela), Miss Piggy (Manny), Ian McLean, and Fozzie (Simon) in
Circular Quay Park, Sydney, about to head off to Guild Teachers College
at Smail Street, Ultimo, "Jog to College Day" (1979)

Sunday's Magic Number: 94.0 - No pain, yet no gain?


Plainswell said...

So hard to believe that was nearly thirty years ago...

Time must fly when having fun, or something.

I have finally returned the compliment and added you to my blogroll. Hopefully my blogging will be a bit more consistent in future...


Peter M.

De said...

So the tuxedo t-shirt was a hit in Australia too? The US's chief export is indeed awful culture. I humbly apologize for my nation to have exacted such horrible fashion.

Therin of Andor said...

Thanks Peter and De!

Funny you should mention the shirt, De. As I said over on my Facebook album, the shirt came from a long-departed shop (Imperial Arcade, in the CBD) entitled "Call Us Names", run by a white-haired woman with an American accent. (That store lasted for perhaps 15 years through the whole iron-on design phenomenon, and it's also where I bought my Superman logo sweater and my Robin iron-on "R" for the Boy Wonder costume my Mum made for me.)

Long-sleeved black T-shirts were unavailable in Australia at the time and they had to dye locally-bought white ones to use with the dinner-suit design. You had to pay for two transfers, too. The bottom half was a separate transfer.

Peter's jacket used to be a tablecloth, he tells me. His face is green in that pic, if I recall correctly. Being quite colourblind, it still looks green to me in a b/w pic!

I can't believe I used to be so skinny people could count my ribs from across the street...