Sunday, June 01, 2008

Lack of training?

I was in two minds as to how to fill in my day today. My comics didn't come in last Thursday and weren't due in the country until yesterday. As there were supposed to be two Star Trek titles, plus a "Starlog", I had to work out if I wanted to spend $10 and an hour into the city, and another hour coming back, or to use up some of my movie "Hot Cash"/"Super Saver" coupons on some recent releases.

After a quick call to Kings Comics - to establish there were no "alternative cover" options to be resolved - I decided to see "Iron Man" at Penrith Plaza. Kings made sure my comics had the right covers and were safely in my standing orders box. On my way there, I was passed by several luxury coaches along the road to the station... and realised that buses had replaced trains into Parramatta, which would have added about 20-30 minutes to the trip - each way!

I was very glad I had already chosen "Iron Man", and was very pleased with it. "Iron Man" isn't a particular comics favourite but I did have a familiarity with the old animated cartoon of my youth, and the old yellow and red Mego action figure. As the reviews have said, the film was very well cast and featured some great action sequences. Quite a good job presenting a famous, classic comic book character on the big screen for modern audiences. Ah yes, stay till the end of the closing credits!

Sunday's magic number: 94.0 - again. Sigh. (Spent too many Pedlar's Pennies on Thursday.)

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