Thursday, November 30, 2006

Who are you?

As I pondered here this time last month, I've found blogging to be quite confronting. People who know me in person know that I talk a lot and, when a writer writes, he or she is usually encouraged to write about what they know. Also, as a teacher of the writing process to children, I have to demonstrate how real writers research their potential audience first, then work out the most effective way to pitch their information.

All those attributes combine when I write my blog entries but, so far, "Who is my audience?" is impossible to gauge. Especially when comments are sparse - and even moreso when they are from anonymous strangers.

My quandary is, when blogging, I'm still sort of flying blind. I can just cast out what's on my mind at the moment, but I've also been using the blog to make a more permanent record of questions I attempt to answer on various "Star Trek" bulletin boards I frequent, since I found the trivia interesting the first time I encountered it, and blogging it catalogues it so I can refer to it next time the question gets asked again.

However, it means that, for you people who are regularly visiting this site for "Number 96" or "Star Trek" news, you may be disappointed when I go all Jack Russell on you. ;)

Did I mention that Jack threw up on my doona today? (The weekend's regurgitation episodes seem to be becoming a bit of a pattern this week. It's a new dry food, or rather, a hand-me-down dry food a friend passed to Jack when her dog rejected it.)

I'm washing the doona cover now, as I type. Oh, well, at least in winter Jack doesn't spend the day (and night) under the doona. Spoiled much, you ask?

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