Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The counter starts...

NaNoWriMo, the (Inter)National Novel Writing Month, starts today. I was having a wonderful dream, which featured the beeping of a mobile phone, only to awake at about 5.45 am to the sound of my mobile phone telling me the battery needed recharging. Hey, thanks phone!

So, I'm actually up early enough to write.

Here I am, just catching up with emails, the "Star Trek" bulletin boards, reading a few friends' blogs, having breakfast, making lunch for taking to work, a little "Puppy Milk" for the dog, feeding the birds, getting a coffee, time for a shower...

Mmmm. Procrastination is alive and well.

I also need to polish some late book reviews and post them off (reviews by email; the actual books by post) and type up the report on my current student teacher.

Now I have to write the start of my novel when I get home from work (and then after the staff dinner). Oh dear. Good start, eh?

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