Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Year 3 of the 52-Week Illustration Challenge, Week 38

Week 38: Cat.

"Catwoman consults her script." Sketch of Eartha Kitt from "Batman", based on a publicity photo. Black finepoint Sharpie and white Signo opaque pigment marker on gold Quill Metallique card, mounted on black card.


Week 38: Cat II.

"Belling the cat." Sketch of the famous fable in black finepoint Sharpie on pink card, coloured with watercolour pencils and white opaque Signo.

Week 38: Cat III.

"Meggsie hides." Watercolour, finepoint black Sharpie and watercolour pencils on watercolour paper. Based on a 1976 photo of Meggsie from my album.

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