Wednesday, October 01, 2014

52-Week Illustration Challenge, Week 40

This week is "Abstract". I found a grab bag of handmade paper offcuts in a discount art store, sorted them into colours and sizes, chose colours that would complement the new paint scheme in my lounge room, and then laid out an appealing design. I glued the strips and three circles onto a sheet of corrugated cardboard. The indigo sheets have gold glitter impregnated into the paper, and the yellowish sheets have swirls of a darker colour.

Week 40 Abstract
Week 40: Abstract

What was interesting about gluing down handmade paper: it was very obedient about butting up against its neighbours. I really enjoyed the experience. Therapeutic! When it was finished, the white wood glue had seemingly stained three of the pale cream rectangles. Perhaps the original sheet was much thinner than the rest? Luckily there were three similar pieces still in the bag, so I eventually peeled back two of the circles, inserted new rectangles over the top of the old ones with a regular glue-stick, and refastened the circles. All rather compliant and organic. Only five pieces (and the three circles) actually needed any trimming. Otherwise I simply accepted the lengths as they came out of the bag. You can play forever before committing to glue the pieces down.


Four and twenty abstract blackbirds escape from a pie. Black "Stained" Sharpie (brush tip), watercolours and collaged blackbird silhouette templates. I cut several of each at a time, then trimmed a few to make them a little more individual.

Week 40 Abstract II
Week 40: Abstract II

And I think I shall call this next one... Blue Piles. Oil pastels on watercolour paper. Background created by squirting watercolour-tinted water from a syringe. (I did one background on wet paper and one on dry paper, but the dry worked much better.)

Week 40 Abstract III
Week 40: Abstract III

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