Friday, January 06, 2012

96 in Ozploitation (volume 4)

Ozploitation volume 4 DVD set

Been looking for "Number 96: The Movie" on DVD but unable to find the double disc collector's edition? Umbrella Entertainment has now re-released Disc 1 (ie. not the docos) as part of "Ozploitation Volume 4". Included in the six-disc set are "Alvin Purple", "Alvin Rides Again", "Stork", "BMX Bandits", "Dark Age" and the short film, "Three Old Friends". $39, great value, from JB Hi-Fi. (Note that the box notes incorrectly state that Abigail stars in "Number 96: The Movie"; she does, however, feature in the "Alvin" movies.)

Umbrella's series of Ozploitation movies are derived from the feature documentary, "Not Quite Hollywood" (below left), in order to satisfy demand for the original movies after the documentary's theatrical release.

Not Quite Hollywood and Ozploitation volume 1 DVD set

"Ozploitation Volume 1" (above right) includes "The Adventures of Barry McKenzie", "Turkey Shoot", "Harlequin", "The Naked Bunyip", "Road Games", "Night of Fear" and "Inn of the Damned".

Ozploitation volumes 2 and 3 DVD sets

"Ozploitation Volume 2" (above left) includes "Long Weekend", "Razorback", "Fantasm", "Fantasm Comes Again", "The Chain Reaction", "Stone", "The True Story of Eskimo Nell" and the short, "The Sparks Obituary". "Ozploitation Volume 3" (above right) includes "Barry McKenzie Holds His Own", "Les Patterson Saves the World", "Mad Dog Morgan", "Felicity", "Patrick", "Australia After Dark" and "The ABC of Love and Sex".

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